The IBI Group Cup supports equality in Construction on and off the pitch.

In 2016 we launched a campaign to encourage more women to take part in the IBI Group Construction Cup. At present, the construction industry only represents 11% of women, with 1% of women on site. Therefore, in 2016 we asked each team include a female player in order to qualify for a full 7 person team (including two subs).

Our female footballers played for two minutes at the beginning of each match and although a little daunting for some, our equality campaign saw over 30 women join the pitches to play alongside their male colleagues.

We are proud to have continued this commitment to equality in all our subsequent tournaments. With a growing number of women participating in the Cup, we look forward to welcoming new female faces in 2019.

Equality Rules

We are proud to have so many women join us, and here is what they thought…