The Constuction Cup is #notjustforboys

In 2016 we launched our #CC2016Equality campaign to encourage more women to take part in the Construction Cup. At present, the construction industry only represents 11% of women, with 1% of women on site. Therefore in 2016 we asked each team include a female player in order to qualify for a full 7 person team (including two subs).

Our female footballers played for two minutes at the beginning of each match and although a little daunting for some, our equality campaign saw over 30 women join the pitches to play alongside their male colleagues under the Wembley Arch.

We are proud to have so many women join us in 2016, and here is what they thought…

“I thoroughly enjoyed the event and really felt part of my team. It was nice to be given the opportunity to play as usually people seem to think we’d rather play a game of netball than football!”

Lucy Gladwin, Turner & Townsend

“I was extremely nervous before the tournament - however many of the other ladies on the day were in a similar situation. Involving women in the tournament promoted equality in an industry which is still fairly male dominated. I’ll be back next year!”

Georgina Cook, Quantity Surveyor

“It was a great experience and I felt very welcome by all. It’s great to see so many companies investing in their employee’s wellbeing. Can’t wait for next year!”

Sarah Louise Gibson, Knauf

“In my 15 years’ experience in the construction industry this is the first time i’ve seen a significant event going beyond encouragement to include female participants — one step closer to equality.”

Merceds Alvarez‐Fojo, Knauf

“It’s brilliant to see men and women playing football together, in a competitive environment. The campaign #notjustforboys seemed to have worked with the success of the tournament.”

Connie Suffren, Make Architects

“Having grown up in the Spice Girls’ “girl power” era, I am very supportive of equal opportunities for women but was a bit apprehensive about playing football. I needn’t have worried — I thoroughly enjoyed it!”

Georgina Wilmott, Kier Construction

“It was fantastic to see women in construction being supported and encouraged to take part in the competition.”

Jennifer Moore, Gardiner & Theobald

“It was SO amazing to see so many ladies of all ages playing at The Construction Cup League 2016! And even more incredible to see the ladies really becoming part of the teams and being hugely encouraged and praised by the referees and ALL the teams who were either playing or spectating. Everyone there was so supportive of each other which created a brilliant day. I can’t wait for the next one! ”

Hannah Abbott, Sweett Group

“The profile of women’s football has grown massively in recent years whilst the construction industry increasingly pushes to improve the numbers of its female workforce — what a great idea to bring the two together. I had a highly enjoyable day and am proud to have been part of a tournament that encourages women to participate in both sport and construction. ”

Terri Baker, Kier Construction

“I’m a female construction manager and have been for over 11 years, I decided to have a go at the Construction Cup and it was the best thing ever# I had so much fun and realised that it’s such a great way to get fit and have fun all at the same time. Since the event I’ve been playing football with my friends and family.”

Selda Scott, 8build

“The tournament was surprisingly fun with a bit of competitiveness. Definitely better than spectating.”

Zoanne Cadzow, Fulkers

Equality Rules

The Construction Cup is renowned for being a fun and friendly tournament and we want everyone to experience an enjoyable event. However, the equality rule is very important to us, therefore we have put in place a number of strict rules, that we need everyone to sign‐up to and abide by:

  1. Each team must have a minimum of 1 female player to qualify for a full team of 7 players (including 2 substitutes)
  2. Female players must be present at registration on 1st September 2017
  3. If your team does not include a minimum of 1 female player willing and able to play, your team will automatically forfeit your substitute privileges and play with only 5 players for the entire competition.
  4. One female player must play for a minimum of 2 minutes at the start of each game during the competition (this will be monitored by the referees).
  5. If your female player is not present on the day, or cannot participate for any reason (even if you have registered them), IBI will enforce Equality Rule 3.
  6. If your team is unable to comply with the above Equality Rules stated, it may result in your team being suspended from Construction Cup 2017 with no refund of registration fees, sponsorship or raffle donations.
  7. General Team Rule — teams can only register 7 players max. Those 7 players are the only ones that can play in the tournament. It is NOT possible to turn up with more than 7 players and expect that they can all play. This is against healthy and safety rules and not fair play.

Download a copy of the Equality Rules