Terms & Conditions

Team Entry

Group Company Team Submission

We cannot accept more than one entry from a group of companies into the IBI Group Construction Cup. We will only consider multiple entries if:

  1. At three weeks before the event we haven’t met our full quota of 40 teams
  2. Your company takes-up one of the top tier CC2019 sponsorship opportunities (Diamond, Platinum Plus, Platinum or Gold Sponsorship)

The name of the teams must be different and players cannot be intermixed. This is to ensure a fair opportunity for all and to ensure there is a wide representation from across the industry.


The IBI Group Construction Cup is renowned for being a fun and friendly five-a-side tournament and we want everyone to experience an enjoyable event. However, the equality rule is very important to us, therefore we have put in place a number of strict rules, that we need everyone to abide by:

  1. Each team must have a minimum of 1 female player to qualify for a full team of 7 players (including 2 substitutes)
  2. Female players must be present at registration on 1st September 2017
  3. If your team does not include a minimum of 1 female player willing and able to play, your team will automatically forfeit your substitute privileges and play with only 5 players for the entire competition
  4. One female player must play for a minimum of 2 minutes at the start of each game during the competition (this will be monitored by the referees)
  5. If your female player is not present on the day, or cannot participate for any reason (even if you have registered them), IBI will enforce Equality Rule 3
  6. If your team is unable to comply with the above Equality Rules stated, it may result in your team being suspended from the Construction Cup with no refund of registration fees, sponsorship or raffle donations
  7. General Team Rule – teams can only register 7 players max. Those 7 players are the only ones that can play in the tournament. It is NOT possible to turn up with more than 7 players and expect that they can all play. This is against healthy & safety rules and not fair play.

Playing Rules ‐ Quick Guide

Please remember that the referee’s decision is final; and that the Construction Cup is a charity event. Please play the game in the appropriate spirit. For further information, download full Lucozade Powerleague Terms and Conditions.

  1. Teams can field 4 outfield players plus a goalkeeper and two substitutes, from a squad of 7
  2. Shinpads are compulsory. Astro boots, trainers or soft moulded boots only
  3. If attackers enter the area it’s a direct free kick. If defenders enter the area it’s a penalty
  4. If the keeper plays the ball outside the area, it’s a penalty
  5. The goalkeeper must return the ball using an underarm bowling action (otherwise free kick 2 metre outside area)
  6. No play above head height (6ft), or direct free kick. No headers
  7. If the ball parries off the goalkeeper out of play, it’s a rollout to the keeper
  8. If a player gets the ball from his keeper, he can’t pass it straight back (direct free kick)
  9. No sliding tackles
  10. Serious offences carry a yellow card (2 minute sin bin)
  11. Stand 1 metre minimum from a free kick. Free kicks will be placed 2 metres from kick boards or goal areas.